Stretch Marks

A book for moms.
Inspiring, funny & filled
with practical parenting tools for YOU.


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The essential methods for eliminating mom guilt, embracing your needs and embodying the woman you'd truly like to be every day.

After reading Stretch Marks you will...

1. Release Guilt and Anxiety – by enacting the Kintsugi Principle and Smashing Your iShoulds.

2. Feel Like the Best Mom Ever – by thinking of your home as a “Life Laboratory” and learning tactics like Chunking, Supermodel Parenting and The Flip Side.

3. Enjoy Yourself More – by listening to your Monkey Gut, using Purpose Pockets and dissolving your Baloney Beliefs.

4. Get Unstuck – achieve your goals more easily and fluidly by using the five A.M.B.E.R. Mindsets (Ask, Move, Believe, Elevate & Radiate)

5. Feel Calmer and Happier – by learning The GOODIE Visualization practice and understanding how a short meditation practice can help you sleep better, feel calmer, think more clearly and remember where you left your car keys.

Why I Wrote Stretch Marks

It’s always been my obsession to understand human behavior and my passion to use that knowledge to help others. As a mom of four boys, born in five years, I found myself in need of tools and help I didn’t have at the time. Over the past decade I’ve amassed a slew of practices, hacks, and practical ideas that are both easy to understand and simple to implement.

Books have changed and improved my life more than anything else. So when I set out to help others, I couldn’t imagine a better way than writing a book. (Apparently, the internet and social media reach more people than books these days, but I loved writing this book and if you’re someone who loves listening to or reading books, you’ll definitely want to get it!)

"My greatest dream is that at least one idea in these pages lights a tiny spark, a flicker of fire that ignites in you a burning passion only quelled by the utter joy of doing and having and becoming everything imaginable in your wildest dreams."

- Amber Trueblood

I LOVE connecting with my family, exploring exotic places with amazing women and creating and sharing content to serve overwhelmed mothers everywhere.

Read Stretch Marks and reconnect with what is MOST important to you and uncover HOW to actually make it a reality.​


You can find Stretch Marks at:

I laughed, I cried, I followed Amber’s simple yet brilliant steps to find the balance that I thought there was no way I could find in the insanity that was my life, and I was miraculously able to find myself again.

- Angela


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