Episode 27: Luz Mack – Mom with a Purpose

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Storytelling for your Mental Health

Raising a Child in an Identity Crisis

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Luz Mack is a full-time hospital administrator and mom of three who started writing children’s books to help a child in the midst of an identity crisis. Luz is a non-stop working mom who’s found a creative outlet that not only serves her, but will help many many children. Amber and Luz talk about mental health, creative outlets, and the challenges (and opportunities) of raising kids with parents from different countries and cultures.

Listen To Learn:

  • How this mom turned a problem into an opportunity.
  • Why helping others starts with helping your family at home.
  • How moms with a purpose become happier moms.
  • The benefits of finishing this sentence, “I am the type of person who…”
  • How using creative outlets can benefit your mental health.

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Luz is dynamic, results-focused Healthcare professional with 10+ year’s operational experience. Strong program and project management professional with a Master’s degree focused in Public Affairs and Administration When she isn’t immersed in her career, Luz enjoys writing poetry and children’s book. She is passionate and dedicated to helping young children fall in love with reading and learning through beautiful illustrations.


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