Episode 22: Lara Schulte – Grief and Miracles

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Why Living in Fear Doesn’t Serve Anyone

Life Happens For us, Not to Us.

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Lara is a native San Diegan, living in one of San Diego’s surf town suburbs where she raises her two young sons, Sawyer & Sutton, with her college sweetheart, Taylor. She’s a busy stay at home, work from home, mom with an entrepreneur’s mindset!

For over a decade Lara consulted with business owners and C-level executives to bring their business objectives and sales goals to fruition. Although highly regarded as a top performing executive herself, Lara couldn’t ignore the feeling she was meant for something else – something more rewarding & personal.

Listen To Learn:

  • How Transcendental Meditation can help moms feel better.

  • Why it’s OK to feel angry and sad.

  • How shame and imposter syndrome limits our success and our relationships.

  • How to grief can turn into gratitude as time gives you perspective.

  • How Covid-Life is like going through labor – in the end of it, something beautiful and new will exist.

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Lara Schulte


Native to San Diego, I live one of San Diego’s surf-town suburbs with my husband of 6 years & college sweetheart, Taylor. Here we raise our two sons Sawyer & Sutton and our French Bulldog, Paisley.

 I am a natural born leader, and I love to get things done. I am a planner by heart, working on being more present, rather than living by a to-do list and in thoughts of the future. I am extremely loyal and will boast about what I love to anyone who will listen. I wear my heart on my sleeve and due to that I am a terrible liar.

I have the musical taste of a 16-year-old girl (or perhaps a 13-year-old), and love what most women love… coffee, wine and a good work out. Creating a family has always been a dream of mine, but so has creating a business. I believe the key to connection is allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and I try to incorporate this into my relationships & business. I hold myself to high standards and admittedly struggle with perfectionism. I love things of quality and order is my lively hood. I can’t sleep with a dirty dish in the sink, or leave the house with the bed unmade. Some (my husband) call me high-maintenance and I’ll own it! For over a decade I’ve consulted with business owners and C-level executives to bring their business objectives and sales goals to fruition. The “corporate world” was one I’ve understood all too well, and I spent years plugged into the constant hustle-and-bustle of fast-paced, competitive sales environments. Although highly regarded as a top performing executive throughout my career, I could not ignore a feeling that I was meant for more. My true happiness came from mentoring colleagues, who saw me as a resource for growth in their own careers. In 2015, it was this realization inspired me to become certified as a professional life & business coach. I initially started working with businesses in leadership and team training, and individuals in career counseling. After Sawyer was born it was time for me to pivot to a new audience, where my voice would make the biggest impact… today’s modern mom. I am so excited to be on this journey of modern day motherhood with a community of women who are focused on supporting and inspiring one another to be not only the mama but the woman they want to be!


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