Episode 13: Laura DiBenedetto – Where’s My Happy Ending?

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Are You Bullying Yourself?


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Laura DiBenedetto, author of The Six Habits, teaches how to create the life of our dreams without changing who we are. As Founder and CEO of Vision Advertising, she has helped hundreds of companies build and grow profitable enterprises. Laura lives on Maui with her husband.

Listen To Learn:

  • How to truly find your happy ending.

  • Why we act as if our needs come last.

  • The benefits of “disarming honesty”.

  • How Laura from her own company after two decades – at only 38-years-old.

“I finally learned to be kind to myself, to accept myself unconditionally, cellulite and all, quarantine weight and all.”

Free gift from our guest:

I have created a page especially for your listeners, they can go get a copy of my book for free. You can find it here: https://www.thesixhabits.com/stretchmarks

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Laura DiBenedetto



Laura DiBenedetto is the founder and CEO of the award-winning marketing company, Vision Advertising, located in the greater Boston area. Laura created, built and ran the growth-oriented enterprise for 19 years with tremendous success, before retiring from active involvement in 2018 at age 37, passing the reins to her successor. Over the years, Laura personally sold several million dollars in ongoing contracts, was featured on Fox News and other Boston programming several times, was publicly recognized for business accomplishments, and was named a 40 Under Forty winner at only age 23.

Having started her first business at 19, Laura began to search for her next big project in 2012, finally finding it right on the cusp of retirement. While Laura’s career had been speckled with accomplishments and accolades, when she retired, she was simply burnt out and unhappy. After years of classes, workshops, books, and more, Laura was confused and wondering why the personal development world had let her down and sought to solve the problem. She went on a radical journey of self-discovery, research, and testing, determined to find energy and lasting, fulfilling happiness in all areas of life.

Laura found the answers to the question that plagued her (and so many of us) – six of them, in fact. She is devoted to sharing the universally applicable and deeply liberating truths she discovered, so that others may find their own path out of misery and into lasting, fulfilling happiness and limitless possibility.

Her discovery has led to a trio of powerful offerings with tested and proven strategies:

  • The Six Habits – Book

  • The Six Habits – Self-Mastery Course

  • The Six Habits – 90 Day Habit Mastery ProgramLaura moved away from Boston in 2019 to the island of Maui, Hawaii and lives in tropical bliss with her husband, cat and dog.

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