Episode 12: Kristi Holt- Becoming Self-Aware

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Moving from Self-Judgment to Self-Awareness


On Today's Podcast

Kristi Holt is the founder of Vibeonix, a certified voice technology that provides biofeedback of your emotional and mental wellbeing by counting to 100 on any device. Kristi is driven by the conviction that each of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities.

Listen To Learn:

  • How to replace self-judgment with allowing and learning “What is this moment here to teach me?”

  • How to take a gratitude shower (literally!)

  • How we can increase our emotional bank account..

  • How to achieve a state of self awareness.

“Self awareness brings you back to choice. It gets [you] out of these habits that you believe you don’t have a choice in and brings you back to enough awareness that you are always and meant to be in choice.”

Free gift from our guest:

We want to invite everyone to check in with themselves for free at https://www.vibeonix.com/gift.

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Kristi Holt


Kristi Holt is the founder and CEO of Vibeonix, a certified voice technology that uses the vibration of your voice to give biofeedback on your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Over 10 years ago Kristi began her personal practice of connecting body, mind, and spirit through her understanding of vibration, frequency, and energy. This personal journey propelled Kristi to seek a solution that could provide people insight and knowledge about the underlying emotions that are being felt and how to shift them. She is driven by the conviction that each of us has unlimited and untapped potential due to the limitations we put on ourselves.

Kristi’s intention in starting Vibeonix was to increase self-awareness and normalize the conversation regarding our emotional health and mindset. She continues to maintain a practitioner role where she hosts and teaches a variety of webinars, progressive workshops, retreats, licensing/certifications, and more.

Kristi Holt is a successful entrepreneur with experience in a variety of industries. She loves business and strives to maintain the balance of being a leader and an ongoing learner.

Aside from being an entrepreneur, her greatest reward and passion is her husband of 13 years and 4 beautiful children.


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