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From Psycho to Psychic

Mental Health Solutions for Children

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Mara James is the driving force behind the Extraordinary Lives Foundation, activating mental health awareness for children and their parents. At 48 years old, Mara unexpectedly experienced a manic episode and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Amber and Mara discuss depression, anxiety, mania and the importance of our children’s mental health and wellness. Woo Woo Warning: We dip into some topics you might find “out-there”!

Listen To Learn:

    • How a manic episode late in life let Mara to create her foundation.
    • How mental health “disorders” can have silver linings.
    • The differences between being compassionate, empathetic, and empathic.
    • How Mara is building the Extraordinary Lives Foundation to promote mental health awareness.
    • How Mara started her life with a narcissistic father and bipolar mother.

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Mara James is the driving force behind the Extraordinary Lives Foundation. Originally from New York, Mara relocated to California with her husband, Kenneth, and three children in 2007. They established Kenneth’s OBGYN practice and for seven years Mara ran the busy office. In 2014 her world fell apart. Out of the blue, at aged 48, Mara experienced a severe manic episode and was diagnosed as bipolar. 

Mara and Kenneth had already been dealing with mental struggles in their family as they have a child who has Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. Mara sought help wherever she could find it and will be forever grateful to her psychiatrist and the many gifted healers who helped guide her back to mental health and wellbeing. ​ 

The magical gift that has emerged from her battle is a determination to encourage prevention and early diagnosis of mental challenges in children and encourage parents to explore holistic options as well as traditional medicine.


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