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At BestfortheMoment.com, Amy cheers on working moms and entrepreneurs, and share the stories of “Mama Makers and Shakers.” By day, she helps emerging technology brands and the people behind them shine.

Listen To Learn:

  • How our careers might evolve differently after kids.

  • Why finding the help you need can help your entire family.

  • Allowing yourself to be your best self.

  • Uncovering your genius and building a career around it.

  • How to manage life with little ones, a career, and a hobby you love.

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I interview women for my Mama Makers and Shakers series and I’d love to tell you story.

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Amy Jackson


Amy helps emerging brands find their voice by shining a light on the people who build and use them. As the creator of BestfortheMoment.com, she cheers on working moms, features “Mama Makers and Shakers,” and writes about finding, creating and doing our best for the moment.

For the last decade, Amy has shaped global technology brands and built high-performing public relations programs from scratch. She started her career in PR, coaching executives and start-up founders through media opportunities, and securing national press coverage for organizations ranging from the US Potato Board to the Computer History Museum.

Along the way, she’s developed a passion for helping people fulfill the potential of their professional selves, while increasing awareness of the experiences and causes that give us purpose.

 After growing up with sisters, Amy is now surrounded by boys, including her husband, two sons and labradoodle.

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