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“Spending time in nature can have a huge impact on your overall stress levels,” says Trueblood. “Research has found that taking a walk in the woods can lower cortisol levels, decrease heart rate and soften the fight-or-flight response.”

“When anxiety and frustration are so high, the quickest way to reduce stress and metabolize the extra adrenaline is to just move. Get up from your seat, get down on the ground and do 15 push-ups.”

“Like any big transitions during this period of uncertainty and change, pregnant mothers can best manage their anxiety by shifting expectations, redefining priorities and focusing one day at a time.”

“Choose self-care practices that you are most likely to actually use so you set yourself up for success.”

“Meditation is for moms what eyesight is for pilots. It allows us to see where we’re headed, respond to conditions in our environment and make adjustments when necessary.” 

“Doing a quick guided yoga practice every morning… grab your tea or coffee, light a candle and you may find you have more patience and compassion throughout your day.”


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