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Everything I can tell you about becoming a supermom

This is the part where I can to talk about ALL sorts of fun stuff…
the crazy stories of life with four musical boys…
the life of a mom who wants to write lots of books, help lots of women, and drink margaritas with girlfriends on a catamaran in Tahiti…
the strategies I recommend most for better sleep, feeling more connected to your partner, feeling healthier and happier in your body… and on and on and on. 

Visualization Tips!

The GOODIE Practice is my supercharged method for visualization.After reading many books and articles on the subject, I noticed the same six components crop up

Scuba Dreams

SCUBA diving is not for everyone… I know. It was a dream of mine for 25 years. Last summer, I finally got certified and did

Why Bother Breathing?

Breathe. No seriously, I mean it. Close your eyes for a moment and take a breath. (It’s ok, nobody is looking at you.) Take a

Traveling the U.S.!

Yes, I traveled across the U.S. with my family for 16 months. My son was the drummer in the touring company of a Broadway musical

Sibling Rivalry

Anyone dealing with sibling rivalry issues while in quarantine?! I had four sons in five years (and two months). Sibling rivalry could have thrown me

Five-Minute Mental Health Tips

Take 12 Slow, Deep Breaths. Inhale as deeply as possible, comfortably, and fully emptying your lungs for each exhale. This process oxygenates your blood cells,

New Mom Tips


How To Sleep Better, Get Support, And Give Yourself Permission

Get the seven most vital hacks for new moms to manage, survive, and THRIVE through the months and years of being a “new” mom.

21 Tips to Sanity

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