How I Used This Mantra to Lose Weight

Amber is obsessed with providing mothers simple and realistic tools to guide them toward a happier, calmer mom-life. Her approach includes helping clients clarify their unique combination of values, lifestyle, priorities, and family dynamics reinforced with a solid commitment to self-kindness and self-honesty.

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Here’s the crazy insane story I have to tell AND which is the reason I can write an article with this kind of title and feel good about it…

I’d been lucky enough with my genetics and a relatively healthy and active lifestyle (and a dash of control-freak) that for my first three pregnancies, I lost all the weight before getting pregnant again. 

I’m just shy of 5’4” and gained between 40-50 lbs each “round.” Listen, those quarter pounders were NOT going to eat themselves!

But, after Ethan was born (baby #4), I just couldn’t get back down to my baseline comfy-weight. (NOT my wedding-weight, but my healthy I-can-totally-live-forever-at-this-weight weight.) 

Those last ten pounds lingered for about five years until…

we started traveling with the musical. (Traveling through 60-cities in 16 months) 

I was worried. 

Airports, hotels, new cities every week, limited access to healthy food, lots of eating out, no access to my regular exercise classes, etc.

So I started a mantra.

And, I didn’t make ANY food rules for myself. (I had enough to juggle already!)

“I’m so grateful I eat and drink and move in a way that is healthiest for this body.”

And you guessed it, not only did I NOT GAIN any weight, I somehow magically LOST those last 10 lbs I’d been carrying around. I was shocked. Happy, but seriously surprised.

Here’s WHY I believe it worked so well:

  1. I wasn’t sacrificing myself with severe limitations or food rules
  1. I let go of any food or exercise “shoulds”
  1. I found myself easily and more often choosing the healthier alternatives, stopping eating before I felt stuffed, and drinking more water than I had before.

Here it is again…

“I’m so grateful I eat and drink and move in a way that is healthiest for this body.”

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