Anxiety-Free Holidays: How Mindfulness Can Help Parents

Amber is obsessed with providing mothers simple and realistic tools to guide them toward a happier, calmer mom-life. Her approach includes helping clients clarify their unique combination of values, lifestyle, priorities, and family dynamics reinforced with a solid commitment to self-kindness and self-honesty.

Ready to outsmart your overwhelm?

Here we go… into the holiday season. Extended family… travel plans… no school for the kiddos… less quiet time to yourself. I want you to have some tricks you can use EASILY to have more mindful moments in the coming weeks.

Mindful Moments are helpful because they allow you to…

  1. Actually ENJOY the good stuff
  2. Calm yourself when you’re feeling stressed
  3. Get through the next few weeks feeling centered and whole (instead of exhausted and broken)

Here are a few of my favorite mindfulness tricks:

In-The-Moment – When you begin to feel your blood pressure rise and fumes begin to come out your ears, TAKE NOTICE. Then, take action before you blow your lid at someone nearby. 

For instance, you could take five very slow deep breaths, repeat your favorite affirmation, or STEP AWAY and go outside for three minutes.

The Waiting Game – When traveling, there’s often a lot of time spent…waiting. Take these moments while waiting in line or on the phone to get mindful. If you’re outside, try to notice the slightest sound you can hear, the smallest leaf or stone you can see, and the subtlest smell you can detect. Tuning in to the environment around you in that moment can help calm your mind and reconnect you into your body and to the present moment.

Numbers on the Clock – When you’re on the go, a simple way to incorporate mindfulness is to choose a number (like seven); any time you look at the clock and the time includes a number seven, take a moment to get mindful. For instance, when you notice it’s 9:27am, take three slow deep breaths and think of three people or things you feel truly grateful for in that moment.

I have to order pizzas and cupcakes for the bday party tonight but promise me, you’ll choose at least ONE of the above mindfulness tricks to use next week whenever you need it.

You’ve got this.

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