How do I give someone SPACE when quarantined TOGETHER?!

Amber is obsessed with providing mothers simple and realistic tools to guide them toward a happier, calmer mom-life. Her approach includes helping clients clarify their unique combination of values, lifestyle, priorities, and family dynamics reinforced with a solid commitment to self-kindness and self-honesty.


Some people need PHYSICAL space… you can take a long bath or shower, go for a hike or walk around the block, and go to bed earlier or sleep in later (so you’re not on exactly the same wake schedule).

Some people need MENTAL space… Many of us are very easily overstimulated by too much visual or auditory input. Your partner may feel more mental space with less noise (turn off the TV, lower the music or stop talking to them for chunks of time throughout the day) or less visual chaos (clean up the clutter, clear off the table and counter space, and even remove pictures on walls if visually overwhelming).

And some people need EMOTIONAL space…notice if you are leaning on them for constant emotional support right now. You may want to reach out to friends or family members when you need to vent concerns or complaints in order to give your partner an emotional break.

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