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The 10-Day "Me" time


Start your day with calm,..confidence..and clarity.

The true challenge is putting yourself first.

The Challenge Begins

Friday, January 15th

$10* (value $27)

*All Proceeds go to Just Like My Child Foundation.


My purpose is to provide you with the most helpful and insightful few minutes to provide an emotional boost for the remainder of your day.

These videos evolved from my clinical work as a licensed therapist, hundreds of books on self-development and human psychology, and hands-on experience from years spent raising my four sons. 

Why is now the best time?

Moms are under more stress and uncertainty than EVER before.

Taking just 5 minutes every morning to connect, focus, breathe, and hear words of inspiration, hope, love, and reassurance can make a HUGE difference in your day.

Join this challenge to create...


a bit more peace in your body…


a bit more focus for your work…


a bit more patience with your children…


a bit more clarity in your mind…


and a deeper calm in your heart.

 after 2020...You deserve this.

Every morning you'll receive a special 5-minute video directly into your inbox... From me to you, before any make up, before turning on any lights, and often before even brushing my teeth. 

Save your challenge spot today!

$10 (Value $27)

your guide

Amber Trueblood, LMFT

Amber is a therapist, author, entrepreneur, and mother to four sons. 

She’s on a mission to provide moms with simple and realistic tools to guide them toward a happier, calmer mom-life.

With confidence, clarity and a clear sense of purpose, Amber’s clients and students can reduce feelings of overwhelm and improve their mental health & emotional sanity.

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SEe Kayo's success story

Mom to two boys (and newly homeschooling parent)

After listening to the videos, I could face my day with a thought, a mantra, a mental objective I could circle back to when things felt off course. I wanted to start a habit of meditating in the morning. Admittedly, I sometimes did not listen until midday, but my intention was to start a morning practice. Amber really helped me feel grounded. 

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