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about me

I’m a licensed therapist, author, podcaster, and mother of four sons. I love creating free content, courses, workshops, and simple self-care tools for entrepreneur moms. Since the 2019 launch of Stretch Marks, I’ve written and contributed to articles in national publications including O: The Oprah Magazine; Bustle; People; Fatherly; Wedding Wire; MindBodyGreen; Good Housekeeping; and Parade. I’ve also appeared as a featured expert on television stations such as E! Daily Pop, KTLA, CBS8, and Good Day LA!


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My book

I love books. I’m a bibliophile who probably spends more money on books than I spend on wine and coffee combined! 

My book Stretch Marks is part memoir, part parenting boo, and part self-help book. I also have a Journal, with prompts, my favorite quotes and lots of space for personal thoughts.

I’m working on my next book, The Five Fear Languages. This book is especially written for those not quite ready to throw in the towel on their relationship… but need some outside help.


My Podcast

Honestly, I never thought I’d host my own podcast.

With the guidance of my expert advisor, Melinda Wittstock, I spent five months developing and launching The Stretch Marks Podcast. It’s quickly become one of the greatest parts of my job. 

I seek out people who are intent on sharing their wisdom in areas ranging from money to meditation to pelvic floor dysfunction and probiotics.

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work with me

To smoothly and easily create lasting change in your life, you need a Mindset Shift, great Communication Hacks, and realistic Practical Tools.

Whether you’re interested in the Digital Detox course to help you wean your kiddos from devices, the Morning Meditation Series to help you focus and start each day with purpose and clarity, or the Money Mindset Workshop to upgrade your financial belief system, you’re in the right place!

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